Sunday, 24 June 2012

Interpol Slow Hands - Storyboard & Narrative Video

Finally finished my storyboard video task and I also added narrative to the video.
I hope you will enjoy it :)


  1. Thanks very much, Beritan. The addition of the narrative element really helps with the pace of the video. You now just need to create your own: band name, track name, album title and record label name and add them to the post (below the video - don't worry, no need to go in a re-edit the storyboard).

  2. I Just Got Scared Thinking I'm Gonna Re-Do It Thank God Phew :D
    Okay Sir Thanks.

    Band Name: Wicky Boys
    Track Name: And Soul
    Album Title: Soul
    Record Label Name:Fantastic Makers

  3. Thank you. I really enjoyd that. I think for your second storyboard for a track of your choice that you need to focus on getting at lot more shot changes in there and think about camera movement but this is a really proficient piece considering it was your first go, thrown in at the deep end. Well done! Keep it up!

    For your second storyboard task also keep in mid Goodwin's expectations when you're creating it and think how you are using your cinematography to amplify / illustrate / contradict.

    This blog is making me happy already.

  4. Where is your Hip Hop post? And is your one minute extract almost done?

  5. Hip Coventions Is Uploaded And Minute Extract Is Finished Just Need To Anaylse But I Can Upload It On You Tube? Need To Do It In School Today,