Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Storyboard - Track 2 Interpol Slow Hands

1st. Extreme close up waking alone, only back head showing.

2nd. Extreme close up of the microphone and blurred vision of the singer which is also extreme close up.

3rd. Extreme close up of the guitar and the singer playing the guitar.

4th. Extreme close up of the eye of the singer.

5th. Black out, Low angle shot to wide shot. Full shot, shock wave shot + microphone shot extreme zoom again.

6th. Close up of the singer and the microphone.

7th. Close up, two people playing guitar.

8th. Medium close up.

9th. Slow motion, Noddy shot, extreme close up.

10th. Above shot and bird eye view.

11th. Wide Shot, slow motion.

12th. Extreme close up, microphone and cheeks, lips are showing. Flash light also happening.

13th. Zoom in and zoom out water drops dropping in and out.

14th. Flash light 180 degree shot

15th. Fade out, black scene zoom in.

16th. Wavey.

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  1. A good start. I noticed a couple of other things since our chat this morning. A few of these shots in your storyboard are actually individual shots - remember, when the shot changes you need a new panel on your storyboard. Second thing is what is a shock wave shot? Not a term I'd ever heard and I canlt find it. Can you explain it to me please?